Upcoming Events

Here is a list of Upcoming Events we need Democrats to JOIN US!



PAGE COUNTY FAIR BOOTH–  July 26th-28th, Clarinda.  We need volunteers to help us show support in our local community for Democrats. Even if you can join us for one hour to pass out stickers, brochures and meet fellow fair-goers.    The more the merrier!  You won’t be there alone and we will show you the ropes!  Contact us to let us know you’re willing to help or just drop by at the booth during fair hours. 

COMMUNITY PARADES –  Come join the parade with us- help us show our strength in numbers by meeting and walking/rolling with candidates for the Democratic Party.  Wear a blue shirt (if you can) to show our solidarity and meet us at the starting line.

If you can’t walk the whole parade route, that’s okay, just join us for a block or two.   We support our differently-abled Democrats and will help you along the route.   If you are on the sidelines of the route be sure to cheer for us as we pass you by.

DATE/TIME                                     TOWN                                     EVENT NAME  

June 23rd/ 10:30am                      Red Oak                             Junction Days Parade  

June 25th/7:00pm                         Tabor                                 Farmers’-Merchants’ Picnic 

July 4th/10am                                Bedford                             Independence Day Parades

July 4th/1pm                                 New Market                      Independence Day Parades

July 25th/6:30pm                          Lenox                                 Rodeo Parade

August 4th/4pm                            Sydney                               Rodeo Parade

Sept. 3rd/2pm                               Essex                                   Labor Day Parade

Sept. 8th/1pm                               Hamburg                           Popcorn Day Parade

Sept. 27th/2pm                             Shenandoah                     Shen Fest