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June 5, 2018-

Thank you to every Democrat in Page County and throughout Iowa who took the time to vote in this primary election. Congratulations to those candidates who won their primaries.  Now we need to unite behind them and defeat the Republican incumbents this November.

Over 350 Democrats in Page County voted; your voice has been heard and your vote matters!!


April 17, 2018 – Introduction to James Uhlenkamp, Candidate for Iowa House District 24

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From James Uhlenkamp:

“I am running for office because I saw the 2017 GOP attacks and erosions on basic American rights and values: the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. I want my grandchildren to have the promise of safety and prosperity my generation grew up with. They should have real hope and faith that they will live in a world that respects them and all the people around them as sacred.” James Uhlenkamp

James Uhlenkamp, Democrat from Mount Ayr, is running for the Iowa House of Representatives. He will –

  • Work to restore collective bargaining rights for public employees and the rights of working people in all businesses
  • Refocus attention on the need to redevelop rural Iowa, like bringing high speed internet access to every community and getting it to farmers and improving housing stock
  • Use the Iowa treasury to fund our schools adequately, rebuild roads and bridges, and begin to clean up our water systems
  • Make our government accountable to the people of Iowa for the funds it spends and for Iowa’s health care systems

James’ run for the Iowa House of Representatives is driven by his desire to rebuild a society with a secure middle class, strong public schools, and one that has the will to care for the poor and the weakest among us. The Republicans will say that rebuilding is too expensive, but Iowa has the wealth and the means. We have the will.

James needs your support and your vote to bring that will to the Iowa House and to the challenges facing our state.

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